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The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the transfer market is now in full swing. The transfer of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Manchester United was the most anticipated, but there were also a lot of rumours about the possible transfers of other players.
It is now very easy to follow the latest news from the world of the Italian championship. The website of sports statistics provides the latest information from the Serie A, as well as other championships from around the world.
In the summer, the transfer of the Swede was the main transfer news in the Italian media. The main transfer target of the Old Trafford club was the young player from Milan, who is called Allegri’s first choice.
The agent of the player arrived in London to discuss the possible sale of the young star. The player is worth a lot, and it is clear that the club is interested in him.
However, the agent of Zaza is also interested in the player, and he is ready to pay a lot for him. The club has a long-term contract, which means that the player can leave the club at any time.

The player is also worth a great deal to the club. He is a good finisher, who can also score goals. The price of the transfer is very high, but the club has the necessary funds to make the deal.
Zaza has already scored many goals for the club, and this is a guarantee that the transfer will be completed.
Where is the future of Zabetsberger?
The transfer of Allegri is not the only news that has been coming out of the Serie a. There are also rumors about the potential transfers of Juventus players. The most likely target of such a transfer is the young goalkeeper from the Bianco-Neri, who has already managed to make a name for himself at the club and become a key player in the team.
Juventus has a very long-standing contract with the player. The contract is worth 100 million euros. This is the maximum amount that the team can pay for a player.
At the moment, the club can only afford to pay for the goalkeeper who is able to help the team in the long run.
This is why the club’s interest in the goalkeeper is growing. Juventus has a lot to offer, and Allegri’ has already shown that he is able and willing to make transfers.
Will the club be able to pay the transfer fee for the player?
Juve has a good chance of paying the transfer. The team has a large budget, which is enough to pay such a sum.
Moreover, the goalkeeper has already become a real star in the club’s lineup. He has already made a number of important appearances for the team, and his performance has already impressed the team’s leaders.
If the club manages to pay Allegri, then it will be very difficult for Juventus to let him leave the team at any stage. The goalkeeper is already a key figure in the lineup of the team and is able, together with the team leaders, to make decisive changes in the game.
Such a transfer will also allow the club to strengthen its position in the Serie b, where it is currently in the middle of the standings.
Who will be the main target of Juventus in the summer?
This summer, it is possible that Allegri will be able and able to make some transfers. The Bianco Neri goalkeeper is a key member of the club in the current season, and if he is not able to play in the Champions League, then the club will be in a real trouble.
There are a lot rumors about Juventus’ main transfer targets, and they are:
* Gattuso;
* De Ligt;
* Allegri.
All these players have already managed, in the past, to leave the Bianconeri.
Many fans are expecting Allegri to make another transfer, and many clubs are also interested, but Juventus is the main club that will be interested in Allegri and his players. Allegri has already proved that he can make transfers, and now it is up to him to show that he will not leave the field at the first team. He will have to do his best in the upcoming season, because the club needs to strengthen the position in Serie b.
Follow the latest transfer news from around Europe on the website of the sports statistics. Here you will find the latest results from the Italian football championship, as the season progresses.
Football news from all over the world
The football season in Italy is in full flow, and fans are looking forward to the new season. The Serie A is the top-rated football tournament in the world, and there is no doubt that the upcoming campaign will be remembered for many years.
Of course, the main event of the season is the Champions Cup, which will be held in the first half of the year. The draw for the draw will be made on the 20th of August, and we will know the final line-up of the tournament.
Among the main transfers that will affect the outcome of the competition, we can highlight the following:
1. Gattaso. The Italian goalkeeper has been in the starting lineup of Juventus for a long time, and has already distinguished himself in the international arena.

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