The transfer market is in full swing. The transfer window is coming to an end, and the club has to make a number of transfers. The list of the most anticipated transfers is long, and it includes:
* GK Antonio Conca;
* CBs: João Cancelo, Douglas Costa, and so on.
The first two are important for the team, but the last one is a real surprise, and will be a real problem for the club.

The club is in the middle of the transfer campaign, and there are a lot of rumours about the team. The main one is that the club will make a move for the Brazilian goalkeeper, and this is a serious question.
Conte has a lot to do, because the team is not in the best shape. The team is in a crisis, and even the best players are not able to save the team from the relegation zone.
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The team is playing with a number 1, and if the team doesn’t get a new goalkeeper, it will be very difficult to fight for the places in the Europa League. The club is trying to sign a new striker, but it is not easy to find a suitable player.
However, the club is not going to give up, because it has a number 2, who is able to score goals. The new season will be really interesting, because there is a good chance that the team will be able to fight against the main favourites of the Europa league.
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The season is almost over, and many clubs are already in the playoffs. Now it is much easier to follow the results of the matches of your favourite team.
In the last season, the team of Real Madrid was really strong, and almost managed to win the Champions League. However, in the last rounds, the Real Madrid team was really weak, and lost a lot.
This is the main problem of the club, because now it is very difficult for the fans to follow its results. However the fans can always find out the latest data on, where all the data is available in real-time.
Will the club be able not to be in the Champions league zone this year?
The answer to this question is no, because Real Madrid is not the strongest team in the world. However in the current season, it is really difficult to predict the fate of the team in a long tournament distance.
There is a lot that can happen in a short time, and now the team has to fight in the domestic arena. The current season is really important for Real Madrid, because in the next season, they will be in a position to fight not only for the Champions but also for the Europa.
What will be the future of the Spanish team?
In summer, the main question of the season was the future position of the Real team in La Liga. The previous season, Cristiano Ronaldo left the team to Juventus, and in the new season, Real Madrid will fight not for the champion title, but for the place in the top-4.
If the team does not perform well in the first rounds, it can be really difficult for it to fight the main teams in the tournament. However there is no doubt that the current team is the strongest in the country, and its performance in the La Liga table is really impressive.
It is also worth noting that the previous season the team was in a really bad shape, and after the first matches, it was clear that the situation was not going well.
Now the situation is much better, and Real Madrid has a good squad. The players have a long bench, so they can rest even if the game doesn”t start for a long time. The fans can see not only the results on the fscore website, but a prettiest benefits for all bettors as a promo codes – just click on the link Also here the information on the matches is available for free.
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The current season of the Champions is very interesting for the main club in the Spanish championship, Real. The season is not over yet, and we can expect a lot from the team this year.
One of the main problems of the Royal club is the lack of a good goalkeeper. This is a problem that has been there for a number years, and for the last few seasons, the problem has been solved.
But the team needs a new star, and that is what the new signing is. The player is Cristiano, who has already scored a lot for the Royal team. Now the club needs to find another goalkeeper, because this summer, many clubs have shown interest in the player. The problem is that Cristiano has already signed a contract with Real Madrid.
So, the Royal Madrid team will have to find the best solution for the problem of a goalkeeper, but now it seems that the player will be available for the new club. Now, the situation with the goalkeeper is really bad, so it is important for Cristiano to solve this problem.
Real Madrid is in great shape, but if the club does not find a new player, then the team may not be able compete for the title in the long run.

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