Guardiola: I am sure Song will play for another club soon. This summer? He chose Real Madrid.

The club has a very good squad and a good coach.
Will the Catalan leave the club?
It is very difficult to say. There are many factors that influence the decision of a player to leave a club. The main one is the desire to play in a new team. The player has to be able to prove himself and the club is very interested in this.
It’s also possible that the player will not be able, at this stage, to agree to a new contract with the club.
In such circumstances, it is very important for the club to keep the player, because he is a key player for the team.
Who will replace the player in the team?
The main candidate for the position of the new coach is Julen Lopetegui. He is a very experienced coach who knows how to motivate the players and make them work.
The team is very strong and the players are ready to give their all.
If the club wants to be in the Champions League, it will have to be more active in the transfer market. It will have a lot of money, but it will not spend it on expensive players.
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Where can you find the latest information on the Spanish La Liga?
You should always follow on The website is updated in real time and provides the latest news from the world of the Spanish championship.
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* live scores;
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What are the main results of the matches of the La Liga this season?
This season, the main result of the championship is the fact that the team from Barcelona has won the title. The Catalans have a good squad, which can be strengthened by the acquisitions of players from other teams.
However, it’ll be very difficult for them to defend the title, because the main competitors of the team are Real Madrid and Atletico.
Also, the team of the Blau Granas is very weak, so it will be very important to strengthen it.
Do you have any predictions for the future of the club that has won La Liga five times?
Yes, we can say that the club will try to win the title again. However, it has to do it in a different way, because this time it will need to do a lot more.
For example, the club needs to do more transfers. It is very expensive to buy a new player, so the club has to find a way to get the necessary funds.
Another thing is the selection of players for the squad. This season, it was very difficult because the club had to choose between two players. The first of them was Sergio Busquets. The other one was Sergio Regilona.
Both players are very good, but they have different characteristics. Busquet is a good defender, but Regilone is a player who is able to score goals.
This is a problem for the Blanco Granas, because it needs to find someone who can replace the goalscorers.
How will the team’ performance in the domestic championship be?
We’ve already seen the results from the team in the international arena, so we can expect a good performance from the Blancos.
They have a very strong squad and they can be counted on for a lot.
Atletico will be a real competitor of the Catalans, so they need to strengthen their line-up. This can be done by the acquisition of players who can help the team to win.
Among the most interesting players for Atletico are:
· Diego Godin;
· Sergio Regalado;
· Andrés Iniesta.
These players are able to help the club in the long run.
Which team will win the Spanish Championship?
Of course, it’s very difficult not to say that Barcelona will win this year. However it will depend on the performance of the competitors.
Barcelona is a team that has a good selection of football players. It also has a coach who is very confident in the game.
Of the competitors, Real Madrid is the main contender for the title and it has a great lineup.
Real Madrid has a strong coach and a well-coordinated team. This is a perfect combination that can help it to win gold medals.
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Why is the Spanish Cup so important for Real Madrid?
In the Spanish League, Real has a fairly good squad. It has the following players:
1. Ronaldo.
2. Ramos.
3. Benzema.
4. Isco.
5. Alonso.
6. Lopresti.
7. Llorente.
8. Kroos.

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