Mourinho on Pogba and his lack of discipline: ‘Pogba is a warrior on the pitch but has other responsibilities and…’

It is now clear that the main topic of discussion for the summer is the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus. The Portuguese has been the main star of the Old Signora for several years now and is still the main player of the club.
However, it is clear that there are many reasons for the transfer, the main of which is the desire of the players to win trophies. The main transfer of the summer for the Old Lady was the acquisition of the player from Manchester United, which will be a great addition to the team.
The transfer of Pogba was a real surprise. The player was a great player for the Portuguese team, but he has not been playing for the club for several seasons now. It is clear now that the player will not be able to adapt to the club, as he is not able to show his maximum on the field.
As for the reasons for his transfer, we can only say that the club wanted to strengthen the position of the team, and the player was the only solution.

It has been known for a long time that the transfer will be made, but the club is not ready to reveal the details of the deal yet. However, we know that the deal will be worth millions of euros.
Football transfers: what to expect from the new season
The new season of the English Premier League is now in full swing. The transfer of a number of players from the Old to the New Signora has already happened, and we will see how the new campaign will develop.
In the first rounds, we saw a lot of interesting transfers, and it is now quite easy to follow the news on the website of sports statistics. The most interesting transfers are:
* Manchester United – Cristiano;
* Chelsea – Eden;
* Arsenal – Aubameyang.
It should be noted that the transfers of the clubs are not the only interesting ones. There are also a lot that are not so interesting, but still can be interesting for fans.
Manchester United transfer
The club has already made a number transfers in the summer, and now it is time to see how it will affect the team in the long run. The club has been in the middle of the Premier League for several consecutive seasons, and this time it has a serious chance to win the champion title.
So far, the team has not shown its maximum, and a number players have already left the club:
1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
2. Jose Mourinho.
3. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
4. Anthony Martial.
5. Alexis Sanchez.
6. Luke Shaw.
7. Eric Bailly.
8. De Gea.
9. Ander Herrera.
10. Wayne Rooney.
11. Andreas Pereira.
12. Rafael.
13. Eric Baillie.
14. Anthony Martial, who is the main striker of the Manchester United.
All the players who were not able in the first season to show their maximum, are now leaving the club and will not join the team for the next season.
Chelsea transfer
Chelsea also has a number problems. The team has a lot to do to improve its results in the Premier league. The new season will be interesting not only for the team’s fans, but also for the fans of the other teams in the English championship.
Among the transfers that will affect Chelsea’s results, we should note the following:
· Diego Costa;
·2. Lukaku;
· Willian.
·3. Tammy Abraham.
Of course, the club will try to win all the trophies, but it is also important to improve the results of the current season. The transfers of Chelsea are not always the most interesting, and sometimes they are not even profitable.
Arsenal transfer
Arsenal has recently become a real force in the EPL. The Gunners have a number stars in the team and have already managed to win a number trophies.
One of the most popular transfers of Arsenal was the signing of Alexis Sanchez from Manchester City. The Chilean has already managed a number successes for the Gunners, and he is now the main scorer of the squad.
Alexis Sanchez is a great striker, and his transfer to Arsenal was a good decision by the club management. The striker is a good addition to Arsenal’s lineup, and will help the team to win more trophies. It should be mentioned that the Gunner’s transfer was not the most profitable transfer for the management, but this is not a bad thing.
English football is a very interesting championship, and fans can always follow the results on the sports statistics website.
Who will win the EFL Cup?
The EFL Championship is entering its final stage, and already at the first round, the teams have a chance to prove themselves. The first round of the Championship was quite interesting, as the teams played against each other for the title. The teams played for the trophy, and only one team managed to get the gold medals.
This was Manchester United who won the Cup for the second time in a row. The Red Devils managed to beat Chelsea in the match that was held in the Wembley stadium.
United managed to score a total of 7 goals, and they were able to win 5 of them.

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