Simeone’s agent in London for Atleti contract talks? (French reports)

The Atletico Madrid contract negotiations are still in full swing, as the team’s head coach, Diego Simeone, is ready to sign a new contract with the club. The team’s management is trying to find a solution to the problem of the departure of Diego Costa, who left the club for a new challenge.
At the moment, Atletico has a number of interesting options. First of all, the club can sign a replacement for Costa, as it is obvious that the player will not be able to play in the same team. The problem is that the club has a lot of players who can play in different positions. The main option for the club is to sign an additional defender.
Another option is to buy a new goalkeeper. The club has several options for the goalkeeper, but the main one is to get a young goalkeeper. This option is very popular among fans, as many players leave the club, and the club needs to find new players.
The club is also looking for a striker, who can replace the player who left. The player who leaves the club will cost the club a lot, so the club wants to get as much money as possible.
In order to do this, the management has to find an additional midfielder, who will be able not only to replace the striker, but also to strengthen the team.

The team has a good chance of signing a new player, as Atletico is in the middle of the transfer window. The management is ready, and it is already negotiating with several clubs.
Will the team be able successfully to compete with Barcelona and ​​Real Madrid?
The Spanish La Liga is in a very good shape, as Barcelona and Real Madrid have a number one and two players, respectively. The clubs are very strong, and they are able to significantly affect the results of the teams.
This summer, Barcelona has signed Neymar, who is the best scorer of the club in the Spanish championship. The Brazilian striker is a good addition to the team, as he is able to score a lot and create a lot.
Real Madrid has also signed Gareth Bale, who has already managed to score several goals for the team and become a leader.
However, the main problem of Barcelona and Madrid is the lack of a good goalkeeper. Thus, the clubs are in a good position, but they have a lot to improve.
It is very important for the clubs to find solutions to the problems of the lack in the number of goals scored, as well as the lack a good number of shots on target.
Also, the teams have a large number of players, and this can affect the result of the game.
Barcelona and Real are considered the main favorites of the Spanish Championship, but there are a lot other clubs that can significantly affect their results.
For example, the following clubs can significantly influence the results:
* Valencia;
* Sevilla;
* Mallorca;
And so on.
All these clubs have a good potential to win the Spanish Cup.
Who will win the Champions League?
In the current season, the Champions Cup is very interesting for the fans. The tournament is divided into two parts. The first part is held in the first half of the season, and then the second part is played in the last quarter of the tournament.
After the first part, the team that wins the tournament will be the one that will be considered the best in the world. The current Champions League is very exciting, and many fans are looking forward to the next season.
Of course, the current champion will not always be the best, but this is the situation at the moment.
What are the main contenders for the title of the strongest club in Europe?
Barça is considered the strongest team in the current Champions Cup, but it is not the only contender for the champion title. The following clubs are also considered contenders for winning the title:
1. Liverpool;
2. Manchester City;
3. Bayern;
4. Juventus;
5. Barcelona.
Many people believe that Liverpool is the favorite of the Champions league, but many people also believe that the team has too many problems.
Juventus is the team of the Italian Serie A, and its main star is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has already scored a lot for the Italian championship, and he is also able to create a number on the field.
Manchester City is considered one of the main competitors of Liverpool, and most people believe this is not a good choice for the main club in England.
Despite the fact that many people think that the current champions of England are not the best choice for winning gold medals, many fans still believe that this is a great opportunity for the teams to show their strength.
Do you think that Manchester City will be a contender for winning a trophy?
Do not forget that the City has a very strong lineup, as Guardiola has already won the Champions trophy with the team many times.
Moreover, the City is able not to lose points, as they have many players who are able not just to score goals, but to create goals.
Thus, the players of the team are able, together with the coach, to achieve a high level of performance.
If the team manages to win a trophy, then it will be very interesting to watch the next year’s Champions League.

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