United will pay £52m+ for Valencia centre-back

The transfer window is now in full swing, and we are already seeing the results of the deals that have been made.
3 players have already been sold, and the number of players who will leave the club is still increasing.
The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of the Spanish defender by Valencia, which cost the club around £52 million.
Valencia already has a number of good players in its squad, but the acquisition cost of the defender is a clear indication of the cost of such a player.
In addition, the club also bought the goalkeeper from Sevilla, who will join the team immediately.
This is a good sign, because the goalkeeper is a strong player who can help the team in the long run.
However, the main transfer that has already been made is the acquisition by Valencia of the young Spanish player, who is called “Xavi”.
Xavi is a player who has already shown that he is able to become a great star, and this is what the club needs.
It is worth noting that the club has already managed to sign a number players from other teams, who were not able to get into the first team.
Such a transfer is a great sign of the progress of the club and its ambitions.

The team has already started to show a great performance, and it will be interesting to see what the team can achieve in the future.
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All the latest results of Valencia
In the current season, the team of Ernesto Valverde has already showed a great result.
On the field, the players of the team have already managed a lot of victories, and they have already won the champion title.
Of course, the next season will be even more interesting, because it will not be easy to win the title. The main rival of the Catalans is Real Madrid, and in the next stage, the teams will play against each other in the Champions League.
If the team wins the champion, it will become the first club of Spain to win it for 15 years.
Moreover, the Catalons can also win the Europa League, which is another important trophy of the country.
There is still a lot to be done, but now the team has started to perform well, and now it is clear that the season will not end in failure.
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Main transfer news from the summer
The summer of 2017 has already seen a number transfers, and there are still a number more to come.
Among the most interesting are:
1. The acquisition of a number one goalkeeper by Valencia.
2. The signing of the player from Granada, who was a key player for the team during the last season.
These transfers are a clear sign that the team is starting to show its full potential, and soon it will have a chance to win all the trophies that it is capable of.
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Live scores of the matches of the Champions league
The current season of the European football championship has already brought a lot not only of victories for the Catalonians, but also of other teams.
Now, it is much easier to follow the results on the live scores of matches of this tournament.
One of the main triumphs of the season was the victory of Juventus in the final of the Coppa Italia.
After the defeat of Inter in the first round, the Bianco-Neri had a good chance to take revenge.
Juventus managed to take the first position of the standings, but they were unable to win any trophy.
But the team managed to win a lot, and its fans were happy with the result. The team has now managed to get a good result in the season, and that is why they are able to win trophies.
At the same time, it was not easy for the club to get to the Champions’ League zone, but it managed to do it.
Also, the fans of the Turin club are happy with this result, because they have been waiting for a long time for the victory in the main club tournament of the Old Continent.
Here, the results are even more important, because now the club can show its maximum.
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Latest news from football
In recent years, the Champions’ League has become a real competition, and every match is important.
As a result, the attention of fans has been increasing, and many teams have managed to reach the final.
Many of them have already shown their maximum, and even the favorites have not been able to defend their title. However, this time, the level of the competition has increased, and if the club manages to win gold medals, it can become one of the most important clubs of the world.
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