Lopetegui: I am sure that the club will be able to find a new head coach.
3. Real Madrid: the team needs to strengthen the bench, but we can count on the fact that the players will be ready to play at 100%.
4. Barcelona: the Blau Granas have a good squad, but they need to find the right balance between the attacking and defensive lines.
5. Atletico: the Spanish giants are in a crisis, so the next season will be very difficult for them.
6. Valencia: the club is in a good shape, but the players need to improve their game.
7. Villarreal: the last year the team was in the top 4 of La Liga, but it is still far from the Champions League zone.
8. Sevilla: the fans are tired of the team’s poor results, so they hope that the new coach can improve the situation.
9. Granada: the Catalans are in the middle of the standings, but this year they are much stronger than in the previous season.
10. Valencia CF: the players are still very young, so it is very difficult to find their game, but their coach believes that the team has a good chance of winning La Liga.
The season of the Spanish championship is almost over, and the results of the teams are not so good.
However, the season is not over yet, and we can expect a lot more interesting confrontations in the future.
La Liga table
This year, the Spanish La Liga table is quite different from the previous one. The main surprise of the season was the fact of the victory of Valencia over Sevilla.
This was the first victory of the new season for the team, and it was achieved thanks to the tactical changes of the coach. The team has been gradually changing its lineups, and now it is quite unstable.
In the previous year, Sevilla was the main favorite of the championship, and this time it was the Catalons who took the first place.
It is quite possible that the Catalonians will be the main favorites of the next year’s championship.
Also, the team of VillarReal Madrid has a chance to win the title, too.
They have a very good squad that can compete with the leaders of the main clubs of the country.
Now, it is much easier to follow the results on the sports statistics website, where you will find only reliable information.
Main favorites of next season
The main favorites in the next La Liga season are:
1. Real Sociedad. The Catalans have a great squad, and they are ready to compete with any team in the country, even the leaders.
2. Mallorca. The club is quite young, but its fans are very demanding, and in the last season they managed to win a lot of trophies.
3. Espanyol. The fans of the club are very passionate, and many victories can be won thanks to a good teamwork.
4 Valencia. The players are young and have a lot to learn, but in the long tournament distance they will be a real threat to their competitors.
5. Atlético. The squad is quite strong, and its coach is able to rotate the players in the best possible way.
6. Getafe. The Meringues have a strong squad, which is able not only to win, but to qualify for the Champions league.
7. Celta. The Blaugranas have an excellent squad, although the team is not as strong as Real Madrid.
8. Meringue. The previous season, the Meringos managed to qualify to the Championsleague, but now it will be much more difficult.
9. Betis. The Betis team is quite good, but many players are not in their prime yet.
10. Sevilla and Granada. The last season the teams of the two cities managed to fight for the title.
All the results are available on the website of sports statistics.
EPL table
The EPL table is another surprise of this season. The following teams are the main contenders for the champion title:
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City;
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool;
2 Tottenham Hotspur.
These teams are quite strong and have the potential to win many trophies. However, the main surprise is the fact, that the Spurs are the only team that has not won the EPL title for several years.
At the moment, the Spurs have a decent chance to do it, but there are still a lot that can go wrong.
First of all, the club needs to find its game, because the players have not been playing for a long time.
Secondly, the fans expect the team to win trophies, and if they do not, then the team will be in a difficult situation. The Spurs are still far away from the top 5, but if they can get to the top 3, then they will have a chance.
You can follow the Epl table on the site of sports statistical data.
Ligue 1 table
Another surprise of La ligue 1 season was a lot for the fans.

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