The Gunners have a long and rich history in the transfer market, which has seen them buy several players who have become world-famous over the years. However, the club has not been able to sign a single player who has become a true star of the team.
In the summer, the team needs to strengthen its lineup, because the team is not playing at its best. The main problem is the lack of stability in the lineup, which is reflected in the results of the club.
The team has a long bench, which means that many players get time to rest and get some rest. However the team’s bench is not enough, because many players have to play in the starting lineup.
This is the main problem of the Gunners, who need to strengthen the lineup and get a stable lineup. The club needs to buy at least one defender, one striker and one midfielder.
However, the main thing is to find a good player for each position. The team needs someone who can provide stability, who will not let the team lose points, and who will be able to provide the necessary number of goals.
It is important for the team to sign someone who will become a leader of the lineup. In the current season, the Gunner players have not been very successful in the international arena, so it is necessary to find someone who has the necessary experience to help the team in the long run.

The club has a good selection of players in the current transfer campaign, which allows the team not to lose points. However it is important to buy a good striker and a good defender.
Arsenal’ Transfer Prospects in the Next Season
The current season of the English Premier League has shown that the Gunns are not in a good shape. The current season the team has not managed to win the title, but it is still a real contender for the title.
If the team does not win the Premier League, then it will be difficult to get into the Champions League zone. However if the team wins the Premier league, then the club will be in a position to get a good result in the Champions league.
One of the main problems of the current Arsenal is the instability of the squad. The players are not able to find the right combination of players to help them win the championship. The Gunners need to find an effective way to strengthen their lineup. It is necessary for the club to buy several world-renowned players.
Among the main players who the club needs are:
* Lukas Podolski;
* Granit Xhaka;
* Lukasz Fabianski; and
* David Ospina.
These players are the main leaders of the Arsenal lineup, and it is very important for them to be bought by the club, because they are able to play a key role in the team’s success.
Lukasz Podolska
Luka has been playing for the Gunni for several years now. He is a very good player, who is able to score a lot of goals and provide stability to the lineup of the players. The problem is that the club does not have enough money to buy him.
Many clubs in the Premier division have managed to buy the player, but the Gunnarsson club has been unsuccessful. The cost of the player is approximately 100 million euros. This is a lot, but if the club is able not to buy Podolsk, then this will be a good decision.
Granit Xhaaka
The other player of the same position is Granit. He has been a member of the Royal club for several seasons now. The player is able, because of his experience, to provide stability in a lineup. He also has a lot to offer in terms of goalscoring.
He is able also to provide a good match experience to the team, which will be very important in the future.
David Ospinak
The goalkeeper of the Emirates is able play a vital role in a match. He can save a lot in a row. He will be important for a long time, because he is able in the next season to become a key player of a team. The goalkeeper will be the leader of a goalkeeper.
There are a lot more players who are able, together with the goalkeeper, to make a good goalkeeper. The Arsenal needs to find out a good way to buy these players, because it is extremely important for this team to have a good lineup.

In order to get the best result in a long tournament distance, it is essential to have stability in your lineup. This will allow you to win in the near future.

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The season of English football has come to an end, and the Gunnars are still in the top-4 of the Premier.
Despite the fact that the team lost a lot and did not win a trophy, it managed to finish in the first position of the standings. This was a good achievement for the Royal Arsenal, which in the previous season was in the middle of the table.
After the end of the season, it became clear that the Royal team needs a lot from its players. In order to achieve this, the players have a number of tasks to perform.

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