The former Manchester United coach has repeatedly stated that he wants to see the star striker in the team again.
However, the player himself is not in a good mood at the moment.
He has already missed several matches because of injury.
In the last season, he missed the matches of the Champions League and the Europa League.
Now, the situation is even worse.
It is clear that the player will not be able to play for the team in the next season.

However it is possible that the situation will change in the near future.
That is why it is so important to follow the news about the player.
This will help you to understand the situation better and be aware of the latest news.
You can always find the information about the results of matches on the website of sports statistics.
Thanks to the information provided by the experts, you will be able not only to follow but also to predict the results.
Here, you can always learn the latest information about any event.
Thus, you won’t miss anything important and will always be aware not only of the results but also of the statistics of the matches.
Football results of the current season
The current season is already proving that the level of football in the Premier League is not that high.
Of course, the level is still higher than the Champions Cup, but it is not so high that the clubs have to play in the Europa Cup.
As for the English Premier League, the teams have a very difficult time in the Champions league.
They have to fight against the favorites of the tournament, and they have not been able to do it.
At the same time, the competition in the English Championship is not as serious as in the EPL.
There are only a few clubs that can be considered as the main favorites of this season. However, the main contenders for the title are:
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester City.
Each of them has a good chance of winning the title.
All the teams play in a very intense and unpredictable tournament.
If you look at the results, it is easy to understand that the Premier league is not the best league in the world.
Despite the fact that the Champions cup is still very popular, the English championship is more popular.
For this reason, the fans of the Premier lans want to see a lot of interesting matches. That is why the clubs play in this tournament. It is also possible that we will see a new Champions cup in the future.

The main favorites for the next year
The season of the English football is in full swing.
Every day, the Premier club league is becoming more and more interesting.
Many fans are waiting for the winner of the Europa league to be determined in the final round.
Such a result will be very interesting for the fans, as well as for the clubs.
Therefore, the clubs are trying to win the title of the strongest club in the country.
Manchester City is one of the main competitors of Liverpool.
Both teams are trying their best to win gold medals.
Also, the EFL Cup is becoming increasingly popular. It can be said that the English league is getting more and better.
Fans of the championship are also becoming more interested in the results from the Europa cups.
Sometimes, it seems that the results are not that important.
But it is very important for the teams to be able win the coveted trophy.
So far, the season is not going well for the Merseysiders.
Liverpool has a lot to do to win in the current campaign.
Moreover, the team has a number of problems that are not going to go away.
Among them are:
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Poor organization.
3. Lackadaisical playing style.
4. Inaccurate passes.
5. Unsuccessful transfers.
6. Poor results.

The team is also losing points in the matches against the weaker teams.
Most of the losses are caused by the following factors:
1 – Unsuccessful passes. The team passes the ball too quickly, which causes the opponent to pass it back.
1a. Unproductive possession. This is the main reason for the loss of points.
Due to this, the result of the match is not really good.
When the team passes, the opponent passes back. That is how the game is played.
We can say that the team is not playing well, and it is obvious that it will not win the championship.
Team results in the domestic championship
In recent years, the Merseyiders have not managed to win any trophy. They have not won the Premier cup, the FA cup, or the Epl cup.
Obviously, the club is not at the level that it should be at the current time.
One of the reasons for this is the lack of motivation of the players.
Some of them are not in the best shape.
Another reason for this problem is the transfer ban.
After the ban, the players have to spend a lot more time in rehabilitation.
During this time, they have to work on their form.

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