Man Utd backed to swoop for huge PL star after asking about his price tag (Sun exclusive)

Manchester United are expected to make a big move for a player who is considered to be one of the main stars of the English Premier League.
The Red Devils are in a desperate need of a new striker, as well as a goalkeeper.
However, the price of the player is so high that the club is asking for a number of million pounds.
This is the price that Manchester United is willing to pay for the player, who is a Spanish player.
Jose Mourinho has long been interested in the player and has repeatedly asked for his price.
Now, the club has started to pay attention to the player. The player has already scored a number goals for the team, which is a good sign for the club.
United is also considering buying a defender, as the club wants to strengthen its defense.
It is also worth noting that the player has a contract with the club for another year, which means that the price he will get is quite high.
Manchester united has been trying to sign the player for a long time, but the club failed to do so.
In fact, the player was not even on the wanted list of the Red Devils for a few years.
That is why the club was so desperate to get him.
But now, the situation has changed. Jose Mourinho has asked for a price of 1 million pounds, which the club will pay.
After that, the Portuguese coach will decide the price for the Spanish player, as he wants to make the transfer as successful as possible.
If the transfer goes through, the Spanish footballer will become the second signing of the summer for the Red devils.
He will join the club’s roster, which also includes the following players:
* Lukaku;
* Rashford;
• Martial;
· Pogba.
All the players will join Mourinho’t club in the summer.
Also, the Red Devil is trying to get a goalkeeper, as it is the most important position of the team.
Thus, the team is looking for a goalkeeper who can be a leader for the defense. The club is also interested in a defender.
Of course, the goalkeeper is the main priority, but it is also necessary to strengthen the defense, as Mourinho wants to do.
There is no doubt that the Portuguese will make a lot of transfers, as there is a huge demand for the players.
They will join a team that has a lot to offer.
One of the most popular players of the club, who has already managed to score a number in the team and become a leader, is Marcus Rashford.
Rashford is one of those players who is able to score goals even when the team has a good chance of winning.
Therefore, the young player is a perfect fit for the Portuguese.
Moreover, the coach is also looking for an attacking midfielder.
These are the reasons why the Portuguese is interested in signing the player:
1. The price of Rashford is quite low.
2. The young player has managed to become a good leader for his team. He is able not only to score, but also to create a number for the whole team. This is a great advantage for the coach.
3. The Portuguese is also a fan of the attacking midfielder, as many of his players are not able to perform at the same level as the Portuguese does.
4. The Spanish player is already a good goalkeeper, which will allow him to play in the attack.
5. The coach wants to use the player in the defense as well.
6. The transfer fee is quite affordable, which allows the club to make more transfers.
As a result, the English team will get a number one striker, a goalkeeper and a defender in the next season.
You can follow the news about the team on the sports statistics website. It is easy to do this, as all the information is available on one platform.

The club is trying not to miss the transfer window, as they want to strengthen their lineup.
At the moment, the squad looks quite good, as a result of which the Portuguese expects the transfer to be successful.
Despite the fact that the team does not have the best players, it is able win the championship.
So far, the most successful season of the Portuguese team was the one in the previous season. Jose has managed not only the club’s results, but even the standings.
Although, the previous year, the main goal of the coach was to win the Champions League. This season, the goal is to finish in the top-4.
Such a result is not an easy task, but Jose has the right to dream.
Since the start of the season, Manchester United has been in the lead of the EPL.
Due to this, the fans are waiting for the next victory in the championship, as this will be the best result of the year.
Thanks to the information provided on the website, you can always follow the results of the matches of the Old Trafford team. Here, you will find the latest news about their performance.
What are the main goals of the Manchester United in the upcoming season?
The team is in the leading position in the Epl, as its main goal is the Champions league.

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